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Over time, rigging components may become defective or inadequate – clamps can loosen, systems can become unbalanced and dangerous, dimming systems may become intermittent, to name a few.


JML provides a complimentary rigging inspection throughout the New England territory. A JML representative will visit your space, inspect all rigging, dimming, curtains and lighting elements and provide you with a formal rigging inspection report. The report will include a detailed explanation, along with photos of any issues found, and offer a concise explanation on how to resolve any issues. The report will also include information on components that are working well and do not need immediate attention.


Per state building codes, an inspection of your stage or studio’s rigging should be completed periodically. Building codes vary by state on how often inspections should be completed. Check your local building codes for details or speak with JML for assistance.

Rigging Inspection - Stage 2.jpg
Rigging Inspection - Stage.jpg
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