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One of the most important aspects of your project is the rigging and infrastructure of your design. Key components are your pipe grid and power distribution.


The backbone of any studio is the pipe grid to which all equipment is attached – lighting, curtains, scenery, and more. JML will design and install a pipe grid to meet the specifications of your lighting design and overall project. Before the pipe grid is installed, each light fixture, curtain track, and mounting point is carefully considered along with the weight of the equipment. The pipe grid is then laser measured to the floor to guarantee a perfectly level grid and installed using specifically designed components made for the type of ceiling structure. Without the proper design and installation of the pipe grid, the lighting system will not work effectively. JML also provides regular maintenance check-ins to ensure your pipe grid is working properly.

Taunton 3.JPG



Power sources have changed dramatically over the years. You no longer need a large power source to distribute power throughout a studio or stage. A simple, uncomplicated power distribution plan will allow you the control you need without over-burdening the system. JML will work with your electrician, or provide an electrician if needed, to create a straightforward power distribution design to meet your precise needs.

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